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Are you a previous cardholder? Here is some helpful information.

Beneficial State Bank and TCM Bank VISA Affinity Credit Card Program FAQ

What has changed about my affinity VISA card? Beneficial State Bank (Beneficial State) and TCM Bank (TCM) have reached an agreement whereby TCM has assumed all of the rights and obligations of Beneficial State under the Affinity Agreement as of August 1, 2017.  Both Banks wish to assure you that this decision will not affect the Affinity Program or your rights under the cardholder agreement.    

Why did TCM and Beneficial State agree to terminate the Affinity Agreement? Due to divergent long-term growth plans, Beneficial State and TCM have decided to pursue different paths in the credit card business. As a result, the amicable separation of Beneficial State from TCM has occurred. It will be of no impact to you or to the credit card terms agreed to by TCM Bank and all cardholders.   

Does Beneficial State still support my affinity group? Yes. Although, Beneficial State and TCM have ended their relationship, Beneficial State still supports your chosen organization just as it has in the past.   

Will I still be able to use my affinity card to make purchases? Yes. You will be able to use your existing affinity group credit card until such time as you are issued a new card by TCM to replace your existing card.   

Do I still make my payments to the same place? Yes. No changes in how or where you make your payments has occurred. Continue to pay on time to the same address you have used in the past.   

Will my affinity group still benefit when I use my VISA credit card? Yes. The obligations of TCM Bank to support your affinity group will not change.   

Do I need to do anything to continue with my participation in the credit card affinity program? No. You may continue to use your VISA credit card as you have in the past. 

Will anything change with my points? No. You will still have all points you have previously accumulated. You can continue to earn one point for every dollar in net retail purchases. You may redeem points for merchandise, rental cars, cruises, hotels and airline travel with fewer restrictions and no blackout dates. There’s no cap on how many points you can earn! For a full list of ways your card can pay you back, visit



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