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Visit the Bullitt Center - our new Seattle branch location.


Bank with Purpose

Did you know that banks can lend your money in harmful ways? When you bank beneficially, you choose to support people and planet.

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Be a Financial Activist

Bank where your values are. No minimum to open a checking account. Build interest on savings or open an Individual Retirement Account.

Personal Banking

Build Your Business

Join our community of B Corps, small businesses, and other do-no-harm enterprises with lending and deposits to help you grow.

Commercial Banking

Strengthen the Community

Whether you’re a small group of volunteers or an international powerhouse, we’ve got a host of specially-tailored offerings for our 501(c)(3) clients.

Nonprofit Banking
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Together we can get through anything.

Visit our COVID and Disaster relief hub to find out how we can help.

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In Solidarity

Resolving centuries of oppression cannot be done alone. And no one can stand idly by—neutrality and silence are complicit. Here are steps we are taking with our hearts, our minds, our wallets, our voices, and our votes to create a more equitable world.

Voice and Action