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Purchasing a new or used vehicle? Looking to lower your payment on a current auto loan? Reach out to one of our auto lending experts and learn what Beneficial State can do for you.

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If you already have an auto loan with Beneficial State and you're ready to make a payment, please choose one of the following options:

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Click here to use our desktop payment portal.
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Our App
Download our auto payment app and manage your payments from your phone.
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Call our toll-free automated payment system, available 24/7:
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Beneficial State Bank
PO Box 2900
Porterville, CA 93258
Overnight Address:
Beneficial State Bank
268 N Main St
Porterville, CA 93257

Download the app: "Beneficial State Bank Auto Loan Pay"

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When downloading, please use the app with "Auto Loan Pay" in the name. Message and data rates may apply.
*Please note that paying through these options with a debit card will incur a $5 service fee.
To avoid the fee, you can set up the following types of payments instead:
ACH payments
Recurring payments
Mail-in payments
In-person branch payments (cash or debit card)

   Confirm your Recurring Payment   

If you were previously set up on recurring payments it is important that you contact us at 800-550-5790 to ensure your recurring payments were successfully transferred to our new payment portal.

The New Way to Pay Your Loans Online

In April of 2021, Beneficial State Bank transitioned from e-complish to a new auto loan payment portal. The new payment portal has additional payment options, making it easier and convenient for you to make your auto loan payment.

To make payments online, you will need to create a new user name and password. Your auto loan number will not be affected; please continue to use your eight- or nine-digit loan number. All terms and conditions of your auto loan will remain the same.

Coronavirus Information

If the economic impact of the current pandemic has made it difficult to make your monthly loan payment, please contact us at 800-550-5790.

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Auto Purchase or Refinance

Lower the rate or payment amount on your current non-commercial vehicle.

Before you shop, learn how much you can spend on your next vehicle without breaking your budget.

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Tap into Your Car's Equity

Did you know you can borrow against the equity in your current vehicle to consolidate debt or cover unexpected expenses? Keep your car and work on your personal debt.

Need assistance? Contact us.

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Clean Vehicle Financing

Did you know that you can get funding and affordable financing for clean vehicles if you are a California resident with a household income under a certain threshold?

Beneficial State Bank is a preferred lender for multiple clean vehicle programs. If your purchase is combined with any program incentive or grant, please be sure to select the appropriate program and/or Grant Approval ID.* Click here to apply.

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NOTE: Any approved application in conjunction with a clean vehicle program will require verification of program/grant prior to funding.
If you have not received a Grant Approval ID yet, you can still apply. If your loan application is approved, you will be required to provide a Grant Approval ID before your loan can be funded.
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Auto Loan Support


Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 6 PM PST
Payment Addresses
Beneficial State Bank
PO Box 2900
Porterville, CA 93258
Overnight Address
Beneficial State Bank
268 N Main St
Porterville, CA 93257