Jun 05, 2020 |

Neutrality and Silence are Complicit

Resolving centuries of oppression cannot be done alone.
And no one can stand idly by—neutrality and silence are complicit.
Here are steps we are taking with our hearts, our minds, our wallets, our voices,
and our votes to create a more equitable world.


With our hearts
  • Practice compassionately listening. One place to start, the 1619 Project podcast from the New York Times, which places the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the center of America's birth story
With our minds
With our wallets
With our votes
  • Be a steward for democracy: vote and advocate for yourself and those that are underrepresented, especially with local elected leaders. Check to make sure you’re registered to vote at vote.gov.

B Lab, the nonprofit that powers certified B Corporations, created a thorough guide of Anti-Racism Resources.

Also, read Beneficial State Foundation's statement, standing in solidarity with Black communities demanding an end to police violence.

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