About Beneficial State Bank

Our Leadership

Beneficial State Bank and Foundation draw their Boards of Directors from a variety of sectors, professions and experiences.They bring vision, expertise, oversight and sound decision making to growing our vision of beneficial banking.

Beneficial State Bank Board Members

  • Andrew B. Fremder
  • Brenda B. Spriggs
  • Dale Walker
  • Daniel Skaff
  • Heather Redman
  • Kat Taylor
  • Kay Toran
  • Richard B. Fried
  • Robert A. Wilkins Sr.
  • Robert Davenport III
  • Robert S. Townsend
  • Ross Fubini
  • Tom Cody
  • Tom Steyer

Beneficial State Foundation Board Members

  • Cynthia A. Parker
  • Kat Taylor
  • Kriss Deiglmeier
  • Martin Weinstein
  • Michael Kieschnick
  • Robert A. Wilkins Sr.
  • Tom Steyer