Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer is an active citizen, business leader and philanthropist working to ensure that everyone shares the benefits of economic opportunity, education, and a healthy climate.

Tom’s dedication to public service is greatly inspired by his wife, Kat, the co-CEO of Beneficial State Bank in Oakland. They founded the nonprofit community bank in 2007 to provide loans to the underserved in California and along the West Coast.

The bank’s mission is to bring banking to low-income communities by providing credit to constructive businesses and nonprofits. It focuses on transformative sectors in a community to provide economic justice and environmental sustainability to that sector, while investing any profits back into the community.

In 2010, Tom and his wife, Kat Taylor, pledged to contribute most of their wealth to charitable causes during their lifetimes. That same year, Tom worked to defeat Proposition 23, an attempt by the oil industry to roll back California’s historic plan to reduce pollution and address climate change. Later, in 2012, Tom led a campaign to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in California schools annually by closing a corporate tax loophole.

Before retiring from the private sector, Tom founded and was the Senior Managing Member of Farallon Capital Management. Tom Steyer served as the President of NextGen Climate, an organization he founded to prevent climate disaster and promote prosperity for all Americans. Tom also serves as co-chair of Save Lives California, the coalition to prevent teen smoking and fund cancer research.

For more information: • Tom Steyer on Facebook • Tom Steyer on Medium • Tom Steyer | Hamilton Project

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