Our People

Beneficial State Bank is made up of individuals that live and work in the communities we serve. Our team members are dedicated to strengthening our communities through beneficial banking services delivered in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. We are proud of each of our team member's contributions to the bank’s success.



Meet our Executive Team

Randell Leach

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Randell

Richard Harvey

Executive Vice President
General Counsel & Director of Consumer Compliance

Meet Richard

Angie Podolak

Executive Vice President
Director of Human Capital

Meet Angie

Mike Fratarcangeli

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Meet Mike

Jennifer Finger

Executive Vice President
Strategy, and Development

Meet Jennifer

Grant Word

Executive Vice President
Commercial & Business Banking

Meet Grant

Tyson Smith

Senior Vice President
Chief Technology Officer

Meet Tyson

Cem Bolkan

Senior Vice President
Chief Credit Officer

Meet Cem

Lynn Marie Auzenne

Senior Vice President
Chief Marketing Officer

Meet Lynn Marie

Lawrence Henry

Senior Vice President
Head of Retail Banking

Meet Lawrence

Jann W. Wallach

Senior Vice President
Compliance and BSA

Meet Jann

Monique Johnson

Senior Vice President
Director, Client and Treasury Management

Meet Monique


Meet our Board of Directors

Kat Taylor

Meet Kat

Andrew B. Fremder

Meet Andrew

Brenda B. Spriggs

Meet Brenda

Dale Walker

Meet Dale

Heather Redman

Meet Heather

Richard Cordray

Meet Richard

Richard B. Fried

Meet Richard

Daniel Skaff

Meet Daniel

Robert Davenport III

Meet Robert

Robert A. Wilkins Sr.

Meet Robert

Ross Fubini

Meet Ross

Adrienne A. Harris

Meet Adrienne

Reggie Brown

Meet Reggie Brown

Antoinette Malveaux

Meet Antoinette

Meet Beneficial State Bancorp

Kat Taylor

Bancorp Board Chair

Meet Kat

Daniel Skaff

Executive Vice Chairman

Meet Dan



Marketing and Communications Department

Contact: marketing@beneficialstate.com